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ZF1-ZF2 bridge project available on GitHub

The ZF1-ZF2 Bridge project, based on last week’s post on migrating Doctrine 2 from Zend Framework 1 to Zend Framework 2, has been posted to GitHub. The bridge project accomplishes the following goals, all of which are aimed at easing migration pains.

  • Created ZF1 controller action helper to access ZendMvcApplication
  • Created ZF1 view helper to access ZendViewHelper classes
  • Allow ZF1 controller actions to be routed to ZendMvcApplication without having to edit an .htaccess file
  • Access any ZF2 component from within ZF1 (e.g. ServiceManager, EventManager, MvcEvent, etc.)
  • Full Composer integration for both versions of Zend Framework

Download the ZF1-ZF2 Bridge project from GitHub