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TPC! Memory Usage 0.9.1 released

After receiving countless emails from supportive users (some nice, some not so nice!), I put the TPC! Memory Usage project back on my ticker.  Despite the vast number of updates to WordPress since December 2010, the Memory Usage plugin has retained the top spot in its niche.  To this day, TPC! Memory Usage is used regularly with only one noticeable problem—a missing bar graph background in the dashboard widget.  As of release 0.9.1, the background has been fixed, and the compatibility data updated for WordPress 3.8.

So… what’s in store for the future?  First, I need to refactor the code to take care of a few notices outputted in debug mode.  In addition, some of the Zend Framework dependencies may be updated, or even eliminated.  Lastly, I’ll put my ear back to the community.  In other words, tell me what you want, and we’ll see what we can do to reach that goal!

Download TPC! Memory Usage 0.9.1 for WordPress

Major improvements in TPC! Memory Usage for WordPress

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been actively developing some long-awaited TPC! Memory Usage features.  The highlights of the latest release are listed below.  I believe that these will help WordPress developers and administrators improve scalability and performance of their blogs and custom applications.

  • Custom checkpoints allow administrators to measure memory usage anywhere a WordPress action is available.
  • Optional file logging allows administrators to have an effective way of tracking memory usage.
  • Improved Security Check, and listed additional variables in System Overview.
  • Fixed various bugs (special thanks to those who have taken the time to report issues).

As we continue to improve TPC! Memory Usage and implement new features, we would love to hear your thoughts.  Feel free to leave a message on the official TPC! Memory Usage page.  As always, thank you for your continued support.

Download TPC! Memory Usage

TPC! Memory Usage 0.4 for WordPress released!

We just released TPC! Memory Usage 0.4, which in addition to providing memory usage monitoring, provides WordPress users with a detailed System Info screen within the WordPress administration panel.  The system information screen includes information on web server, PHP, MySQL, and WordPress statuses and settings.  A link has been provided from the dashboard widget for easy access.  We also added additional information on the notification feature in the FAQ section on WordPress.org due to some confusion. Continue reading TPC! Memory Usage 0.4 for WordPress released!

How to do Ajax calls within the WordPress administration panels

To complete a simple Ajax call within the administration panels, we will need a minimum of three functions. Here are the functions used in the sample code:

  • _wp_display_content() — responsible for displaying the form or content, and the nonce field.
  • _wp_display_content_js() — displays the JavaScript code for our Ajax call in the footer.
  • _wp_sample_ajax_call() — completes security check for the Ajax request, processes the request, and returns a response.

Continue reading How to do Ajax calls within the WordPress administration panels

TPC! Memory Usage released!

The very first version of TPC! Memory Usage has been released to the public, and we received WordPress approval to be placed in the plugin directory.  TPC! Memory Usage allows WordPress administrators to track current and peak memory usage.  It’s an extremely useful tool that can help any admin, especially those who use plugins, language files, and other modifications.