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TPC! Memory Usage 0.9.1 released

After receiving countless emails from supportive users (some nice, some not so nice!), I put the TPC! Memory Usage project back on my ticker.  Despite the vast number of updates to WordPress since December 2010, the Memory Usage plugin has retained the top spot in its niche.  To this day, TPC! Memory Usage is used regularly with only one noticeable problem—a missing bar graph background in the dashboard widget.  As of release 0.9.1, the background has been fixed, and the compatibility data updated for WordPress 3.8.

So… what’s in store for the future?  First, I need to refactor the code to take care of a few notices outputted in debug mode.  In addition, some of the Zend Framework dependencies may be updated, or even eliminated.  Lastly, I’ll put my ear back to the community.  In other words, tell me what you want, and we’ll see what we can do to reach that goal!

Download TPC! Memory Usage 0.9.1 for WordPress

TPC! Memory Usage 0.4 for WordPress released!

We just released TPC! Memory Usage 0.4, which in addition to providing memory usage monitoring, provides WordPress users with a detailed System Info screen within the WordPress administration panel.  The system information screen includes information on web server, PHP, MySQL, and WordPress statuses and settings.  A link has been provided from the dashboard widget for easy access.  We also added additional information on the notification feature in the FAQ section on WordPress.org due to some confusion. Continue reading TPC! Memory Usage 0.4 for WordPress released!

WordPress memory usage reduced from 14MB to 1.4MB

About two weeks ago, I wrote a short article called eAccelerator reduces WordPress memory usage which outlined how I was able to reduce WP memory usage to 8MB.  While looking into the Zend Framework, I came across Zend Optimizer again, which I hadn’t messed with in a while.  I decided to install it on a whim.  The results were unexpected…

WordPress memory usage*
Standard PHP installation 14MB
eAccelerator 8MB
eAccelerator & Zend Optimizer 1.4MB
* WP memory usage recorded by TPC! Memory Usage

Continue reading WordPress memory usage reduced from 14MB to 1.4MB

eAccelerator reduces WordPress memory usage

In my quest to minimize the memory usage of our beloved blogging platform, WordPress, I came across eAccelerator.  After using Zend Server, and experiencing the performance boost their caching mechanism created, I started looking for something that would work easily with cPanel/WHM.  Lo and behold, there exists a program called eAccelerator which is quoted as being “a free open source PHP accelerator, optimizer, and dynamic content cache.”

eAccelerator in EasyApache
eAccelerator in EasyApache (Go to WHM > Click EasyApache under Software > Choose eAccelerator in the Short or Exhaustive Options screen)

Immediately, I saw the average WordPress memory usage go from 14MB to less than 8MB.  That is roughly 57% percent of the original memory usage.  Needless to say, I was quite pleased with the results!

Thoughts: In other languages, such as C# and Java, one has the ability to introduce libraries as needed without the extra burden of loading every last file, like in WordPress.  Would it be possible to come up with a custom autoload function to do the same sort of thing?  I believe Joomla uses a similar idea with the jimport() function.

WordPress: Zend Server CE vs. cPanel & Apache stacks

I recently decided to install Zend Server CE on my machine to use as a local development environment.  I chose the PHP 5.3 installation so I could update my PHP code to fit the new version.  I was intrigued and excited to find that WordPress used a mere 2 MB of memory compared with 12-13 MB on my production installation.

Zend Server CE cPanel/Other Stacks
Memory usage 1.5-2 MB 12-14 MB
OS Windows XP
Windows Server 2003
Windows XP
Windows Server 2003
Installation PHP 5.2.10/5.3
Apache 2.2.12
PHP 5.2.10
Apache 2.2.xx
WordPress Version 2.8.4 2.8.4
WordPress Plugins Same Same

My primary testing was done on Windows Server 2003. Before installing Zend Server CE, WordPress was taking up what I would call an average amount of memory, 12 MB. After installing Zend Server CE with PHP 5.2.10, I found that peak memory usage went down to around 4 MB. After I found PHP 5.2.10 worked, I upgraded to 5.3, which resulted in yet another performance increase, bringing us to 2 MB peak memory usage.

WordPress Memory Usage on Zend Server CE
WordPress Memory Usage on Zend Server CE
WordPress Memory Usage on cPanel/WHM
WordPress Memory Usage on cPanel/WHM

Thoughts: I can’t find anything drastically different about the two installations, but I could be missing something. If anyone can solve this mystery, please comment!

TPC! Memory Usage released!

The very first version of TPC! Memory Usage has been released to the public, and we received WordPress approval to be placed in the plugin directory.  TPC! Memory Usage allows WordPress administrators to track current and peak memory usage.  It’s an extremely useful tool that can help any admin, especially those who use plugins, language files, and other modifications.