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PHP 5.3.1 now available in WHM/cPanel’s EasyApache

After much patience and persistence on the part of myself and many other individuals, we now have PHP 5.3.x support in EasyApache, starting with PHP 5.3.1.  For those of you who may be unaware, EasyApache is WHM/cPanel’s tool for creating custom compilations of Apache and PHP.  This solves many problems for those who have been doing this “behind the scenes,” as well as those who wish to utilize some of the great new features implemented in the 5.3 series.  PHP 5.3.1 introduces namespaces, late static binding, decreased memory usage (YMMV), several new extensions, and improved MySQL support.  Be sure to check your scripts for compatibility before going live with PHP 5.3.1 on a production server.  Some scripts will be affected by some of the changes, so testing is extremely important.

PHP 5.3.1 is finally here!

PHP LogoAfter four release candidates, we finally have a stable PHP 5.3.1 release.  For those already running PHP 5.3.0, there’s not much that is different, but there are some improvements.  For others, it means there will probably be PHP 5.3 support in cPanel/WHM via EasyApache very soon.

In PHP 5.3.1, the max_file_uploads directive was introduced into php.ini to help prevent DOS (denial of service) attacks via file exhaustion.  max_file_uploads is set at 20 by default.  There were also several other security issues patches, and many bugs fixed in this release.  Links containing additional details are below:

PHP 5.3.1 RC1 released!

This is just a notice to let everyone know that the first PHP 5.3.1 release candidate has been released.  For those of you who use cPanel/WHM, this means that you are one step closer to having out-of-the-box PHP 5.3 support.  On cPanel’s forums, a member of cPanel Quality Assurance said cPanel would most likely wait until the stable release of PHP 5.3.1 before unleashing it into EasyApache for a quick, painless install on cPanel/WHM-administered servers (see post by cpanelkenneth here). For a list of fixes in 5.3.1, visit the PHP changelog.

With the release of PHP 5.3, there were many performance increases with some tests confirming a 20% boost for certain applications, though most were between 5-10%.  This should make the web a better place for those of us who upgrade.  (FYI:  I tested a lot of my PHP scripts, and none so far have had compatibility issues.)