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Using SSH instead of FTP for WordPress updates

Under certain server configurations and conditions, WordPress may require an FTP connection to retrieve and process core, plugin, and theme updates.  If you only see an option for FTP on this screen, do not despair.  You are not alone!  If a server is without the libssl2 library and PECL’s ssh2 package, the SSH2 option will not be listed.  While there are WordPress plugins that mimic this capability using various PHP libraries, implementations at the server level often provide better security and performance.

  1. Download libssh2 (C library implementing SSH2 protocol)
  2. At the command line, type the following
    # Unzip the libssh2 archive
    tar -xf libssh2-1.4.3.tar.gz
    # Change directory to libssh2 source
    cd libssh2-1.4.3
    # Compile libssh2
    make && make install
    # Install ssh2 PECL library
    pecl install ssh2-beta

After that, the SSH2 option should appear on the WordPress update screen.
WordPress SSH updates

Using memcached with WordPress


Today, I decided to implement a popular distributed caching system called memcached.  Memcached allows PHP objects and variables to be stored in memory, which when used properly, can decrease page load time and server load.  Memcached can also work as a central cache for a cluster of servers.  File-based caching systems work by generating static files, and storing them in a local directory to be served in place of the dynamic content.  This can reduce the number of database queries, and help avoid having to process the script with each new request; however, there is a downside. Continue reading Using memcached with WordPress