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Windows 7 Cheat Sheet (Shortcuts/Hotkeys, Reference, etc.)

Just moments ago, I finished creating a Windows 7 reference card or cheat sheet (whichever you prefer), which includes various hotkeys/shortcuts, as well as general information on Windows Flip 3D, Windows Aero, Windows Snap, and Windows Peek.  See below for the download link (4-page PDF).

Windows 7 Shortcuts and Cheat Sheet (2-page preview)
Windows 7 Shortcuts and Cheat Sheet (2-page preview)

Download the Windows 7 Cheat Sheet (PDF)

Rebuttals… Because Windows 7 rocks my socks off

“The Start Menu in Windows 7 will be an area of much consternation for veteran Windows XP users.” —James Perlow at ZDNet [link]

Yes, the Start Menu is different in Windows 7, but the core functionality is the same.  Windows XP users are still able to view programs by clicking a menu item, and the Control Panel, Printers, Documents, etc., are still easily accessible from the same place.  Perlow, the author, also mentions that the Run menu is no longer directly accessible from the Start menu, and complains that power users will have to turn it on.  Wow… is this laziness or what?  In just a few clicks, this functionality can be restored… BUT, and this is a huge BUT, I am willing to bet that power users aren’t going to want to use the Run dialog that much in Windows 7.  The beauty of this setup is that you can type your command directly into the “Search programs and files” box in the Start menu.  I think it’s also worth mentioning that users can open up the command prompt very easily by holding SHIFT and right-clicking on a folder in Windows Explorer, then clicking Open command window here.  This was available in Windows XP, but only via a PowerToys installation. Continue reading Rebuttals… Because Windows 7 rocks my socks off

From Windows XP to Windows 7: A Bittersweet End

I never thought I’d see the day where I would willingly leave Windows XP and move on to something else, but in walks Windows 7, which changed my mind for good.  I was severely disappointed with Windows Vista, and never made the switch.  I viewed Vista as a downgrade with all of its bugs and performance problems.  XP was a simple, unadulterated love affair.  It was the dignified lady of the PC world.  She was simple, stable, and dependable.  Lady XP welcomed PCs as low as 300 MHz, and life was good.  The rich, the poor, the middle class−we all loved her!  Yet, the time comes where every dignified lady must retire, and hang up the hat.

I won’t go into detail about each new feature Windows 7 has to offer, but I will list a few things that stood out to me. Continue reading From Windows XP to Windows 7: A Bittersweet End