About Me

Name: Chris Strosser
Languages & Databases: PHP, MySQL/SQL, JavaScript, HTML/CSS3, C++
Frameworks: jQuery, Zend Framework, WordPress, Drupal
Limited Knowledge: ASP.NET with C#, Java/Android, IIS, Adobe Flash CS3
Operating Systems: Windows 8/7/XP, Linux/Unix (CentOS, Ubuntu, etc.), Windows Server 2008 R2
HTTP Server/Stack Knowledge: Apache 2.2.xx, Zend Server CE, XAMPP/WAMP
Favorite IDEs: Zend Studio, Eclipse PDT, Notepad++
Other Experience: Trac with SVN, phpMyAdmin, Plesk, cPanel/WHM, Microsoft Office 2003/2007

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4 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. May I make a suggestion?

    I love your plug-in to help me police activity on my WordPress site…

    However, under the security section, I found that I have a load of problems!

    But, while I have been on computers for over 20 years, I do not know the locations of the files you you suggest modifying…

    There is a solution someplace or perhaps you could even offer a service where you or an associate would make the modifications for people like me!

    Let me know…

    Bob Newton

  2. Hello Chris,

    Thank you for the nice plugin TPC! Memory. I just got some feedback from my VPS serger management and would like to send it to you, as a contribution to improve the plugin. I do not like to have it published, so please, contact me back by email so I can copy and paste the info from the VPS management.

    Thank you


  3. Hi, Chris–
    I stumbled across your Windows 7 Cheat Sheet and was wondering if I could include the PDF as a download in our customer newsletter.
    The monthly newsletter goes out to about 2,000 customers and other interested parties, and at the bottom of each one we tell about “Cool Stuff” we’ve found–products and services that we think might be of help to our readers. In January, we offered a free Google cheatsheet; last month it was paint that makes a whiteboard like new again. Many of our customers are fairly computer illiterate, so I think they’d find your cheatsheet helpful. It looks great, too!
    Of course, we’d offer the PDF as is, with your web site and name on it; we’d also credit you in the introductory text.
    Looking forward to your response.
    Mike Hanlon
    Design Director
    TimePilot Corp.

  4. I live in Cali – Colombia.
    Very grateful to you for taking care of my question about memory limit in WordPress 3.2.1
    I resend it to DataCenter and thanks to your extensive technical answer … My ISP did not resist and agreed to increase to 256M.

    Even so, continuing the broken links in my blog and I think I know what happens.

    NetworkedBlogs by mistake, has two unique URL for my website … Imagine the weight that … None allocated memory may with it!

    NetworkedBlogs Support team is not interested in resolving this mess.
    – NetworkedBlogs Your influences?
    – Can you think of something that I can do to make me listen and correct it? My injury is huge!

    I tried to install the “TPC! Memory usage for WordPress” and does not run, neither Plugin “Broken Link Checker” or “Fix RSS Feed Wp.”

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