TPC! Memory Usage 0.9.1 released

After receiving countless emails from supportive users (some nice, some not so nice!), I put the TPC! Memory Usage project back on my ticker.  Despite the vast number of updates to WordPress since December 2010, the Memory Usage plugin has retained the top spot in its niche.  To this day, TPC! Memory Usage is used regularly with only one noticeable problem—a missing bar graph background in the dashboard widget.  As of release 0.9.1, the background has been fixed, and the compatibility data updated for WordPress 3.8.

So… what’s in store for the future?  First, I need to refactor the code to take care of a few notices outputted in debug mode.  In addition, some of the Zend Framework dependencies may be updated, or even eliminated.  Lastly, I’ll put my ear back to the community.  In other words, tell me what you want, and we’ll see what we can do to reach that goal!

Download TPC! Memory Usage 0.9.1 for WordPress

6 thoughts on “TPC! Memory Usage 0.9.1 released”

  1. Hi Chris!

    Thanks so much for the update, just downloaded it.

    I still see a bit of a faulty looking bar in the dashboard though?

    I’ve cleared my cache etc. and tried it on 2 installs – still only showing the middle section of the bar filled with a blue colour, and not the left hand side of it.

    Any ideas?

  2. Hi Chris!

    Hope you’re well!

    Was just wondering how you might have got on with the TPC update to fix the bar graphic?

    Obviously no rush, was checking in on your site!

    Ross :)

    1. Hi Ross, I’m working on a new release that will include various fixes as well as a few new features. It’s currently available through the WordPress repositories. See if that helps.

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