Enabling fullscreen Flash on dual monitors with Adobe Flash on Windows 7

The following steps will allow Adobe Flash to be in fullscreen mode while working on more than one monitor.  You can download Adobe Flash via Adobe’s web site.  Although they are similar, these directions will not work with older versions of Flash.  Please check our archives for directions on dealing with older versions; however, ensuring Flash is kept up to date is imperative in dealing with security risks, and performance issues, so it is recommended that you update immediately.

  1. Download a free hex editor if you don’t already have one.
  2. Exit your web browser, and any other applications.
  3. Open NPSWF32.dll in your hex editor. If you are using Windows 7 or Vista, you will have to run the application as an administrator. (Right-click on application executable and click Run as administrator)
    • 32-bit: C:WindowsSystem32MacromedFlash
    • 64-bit: C:WindowsSysWOW64MacromedFlash
  4. Before proceeding, make a backup, just in case something goes wrong. Placing an underscore before the filename will be sufficient (_NPSWF32.dll).
  5. Search for 180E40 (in XVI32, go to Address menu and click Go to).
  6. Look for the following sequence: 48 74 39 83 E8 07 …
  7. Change 74 39 to 90 90.
  8. Save file as NPSWF32.dll.

Viola!  This will enable fullscreen mode on YouTube, and other video sites while working on two monitors. You are able to work within Word, Firefox, etc., while watching Flash videos in fullscreen!

5 thoughts on “Enabling fullscreen Flash on dual monitors with Adobe Flash on Windows 7”

  1. it’s so complicated..

    Use ‘actual multiple monitors’ (-deleted by editor-). Press Ctrl-Alt-Shift-I on necessary window and it will be ignoring deactivation… It’ll allow you watch fullscreen video (play fullscreen game) and do anything else on secondary monitor.

    [Editor Note: This software is not only unnecessary, but it seems to be a self-promotion. The overwhelming majority of people have had no problems w/ this method, and have benefited from it without needlessly throwing away money.]

  2. “This software is not only unnecessary, but it seems to be a self-promotion”

    It may be a self-promotion, but it’s cool software and “ignore deactivation” isn’t general function. Hack works only for flash, but AMM works for any full-screen application.

    I don’t think that author wanted to self-promotion.

  3. Didn’t work for me on Win7 Ult x64, applied this it just after installing that update. I’m certain I did it correctly. Might be because I have 3 monitors, and the third is not the same size as the other two (it’s a TV).

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