What is a webjawn?

We are giving in… after many inquiries into this so-called “webjawn,” we’ve decided to give up the state secret.  To understand this word, we must explore its origins.  On the streets of my hometown (Philly), a jawn is anything.  It can be a dime, an ink blot, a VGA-to-DVI adapter, or that little shiny thing on the ground that you think might be worth something until you pick it up, and realize it’s not quite what you originally thought.  Google has a few, more formal definitions listed as well:

Now that we’ve gotten the etymology out of the way, we can begin the fusion between the web and it’s jawns until we get the desired result – a whole lotta webjawns.  Now that the enigma has been dissipated, people will sleep soundly, birds will flock, worker bees will work, and we’ll develop web applications and brand new webjawns.

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