PHP 5.3.1 RC3 released!

We are yet another release candidate closer to PHP 5.3.1.  A link to download PHP 5.3.1 RC3 is included below, as well as links to the changelog and current bugs.  One bug fix will help prevent DOS (denial of service) attacks via a new INI directive labeled max_file_uploads.  This will default to 100 files per request.

Download PHP 5.3.1 RC3

4 thoughts on “PHP 5.3.1 RC3 released!”

  1. @Chris Strosser


    class test {
    protected $f = 5;
    function doSomething($array) {
    array_walk($array, function($item) {
    $item * $this->f;

    $this in closure context was removed between some php beta and the php final. ok — for private/protected properties you could copy them and access them with “use”, but you can’t do this with private/protected class methods.

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