PHP 5.3.1 is finally here!

PHP LogoAfter four release candidates, we finally have a stable PHP 5.3.1 release.  For those already running PHP 5.3.0, there’s not much that is different, but there are some improvements.  For others, it means there will probably be PHP 5.3 support in cPanel/WHM via EasyApache very soon.

In PHP 5.3.1, the max_file_uploads directive was introduced into php.ini to help prevent DOS (denial of service) attacks via file exhaustion.  max_file_uploads is set at 20 by default.  There were also several other security issues patches, and many bugs fixed in this release.  Links containing additional details are below:

3 thoughts on “PHP 5.3.1 is finally here!”

  1. John:

    What about PHP 6? They’ve been talking about 6 for like 5 years now. wtf? Progress is slow in the php world.

    I wonder… there were huge advances from PHP 5.2 to PHP 5.3, and I think that a lot of developers might have used that to complete a major version change (i.e. PHP 5.2 => 6.0 vs. PHP 5.2 => 5.3). With PHP 5.3, we got namespaces, closures, garbage collection, and a lot of performance boosts.

    Other than unicode support, built-in APC, and the deprecation of some of the features no longer needed, I wonder what else is different in PHP6. I thought that namespaces, static binding, and a few other things were only going to be released in PHP6, but we saw them in PHP 5.3. Perhaps this was merely to test these features out on a large audience so they could perfect them in PHP6.

    Who knows! I’m in no rush, but I am definitely looking forward to PHP6.

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