TPC! Memory Usage 0.4 for WordPress released!

We just released TPC! Memory Usage 0.4, which in addition to providing memory usage monitoring, provides WordPress users with a detailed System Info screen within the WordPress administration panel.  The system information screen includes information on web server, PHP, MySQL, and WordPress statuses and settings.  A link has been provided from the dashboard widget for easy access.  We also added additional information on the notification feature in the FAQ section on due to some confusion.

Please report any bugs you encounter.  Also, we would love to hear any ideas on how we could make this plugin better, and even ideas for new plugins.  Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “TPC! Memory Usage 0.4 for WordPress released!”

  1. Hey, awesome plugin. I love it, the new features are epic.

    I have one request, and feel free to follow up via email, but I’d like this as a standard website page (to use without wordpress) where you could give it some config info (db login) and such, and it provides website statistics and such like it now does in the new version.
    The server and PHP information helps me a lot, and its much cleaner than looking at phpinfo();

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