WordPress memory usage reduced from 14MB to 1.4MB

About two weeks ago, I wrote a short article called eAccelerator reduces WordPress memory usage which outlined how I was able to reduce WP memory usage to 8MB.  While looking into the Zend Framework, I came across Zend Optimizer again, which I hadn’t messed with in a while.  I decided to install it on a whim.  The results were unexpected…

WordPress memory usage*
Standard PHP installation 14MB
eAccelerator 8MB
eAccelerator & Zend Optimizer 1.4MB
* WP memory usage recorded by TPC! Memory Usage

Pretty sweet, eh?  Does anyone else use this configuration?  I was also wondering if, by chance, anyone sees any potential problems with this setup.

WordPress memory usage with Zend Optimizer and eAccelerator

12 thoughts on “WordPress memory usage reduced from 14MB to 1.4MB”

  1. hey,
    I don’t see the benefit. Can you do a automated stress test to show that a reduced memory footprint actually speeds up the delivery of data. or at least the maximum number of requests per second before the response time drops to unacceptable.


    1. Hi nheid,

      Come on now… are you for real? There is most definitely a benefit. I highly suggest doing a quick search on Google, as you will find a wealth of great articles. I have, however, included a few articles on relevant benchmarking below:

      http://deanq.com/blog/archives/3 – some interesting test results on CakePHP benchmark
      http://2bits.com/articles/benchmarking-apc-vs-eaccelerator-using-drupal.html – Drupal benchmark
      http://blog.sweetnam.eu/2007/11/07/supercache-eaccelerator-and-wordpress-benchmarks/ – eAccelerator/WP Super Cache


  2. Hi, can you tell us, how do you combine WordPress with eAccelerator and Zend Optimizer?
    Would be very interesting for me.

    Thanks in advance.


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