Turning off Instant Search enable dialog in Outlook 2007

About two months ago, I began using Microsoft Office Outlook 2007, which I absolutely love. Microsoft has really done great things with this program over the years, although I must admit there are a few things I would change if I could. I also use Google Desktop, which enables me to index and search my entire computer, including e-mails, PDF files, and many other previously search-obscure file types. This is not unlike Microsoft’s solution which is called Instant Search. Microsoft Instant Search indexes files in a similar way, but I find that it hogs more resources and is generally not as good as Google Desktop.

Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 - Instant Search
Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 - Instant Search

In Outlook, Microsoft promotes this product relentlessly and does not provide a friendly way to remove the notifications; however, I finally came across a way to rid Outlook of these annoying messages.  Following the steps listed below will remove all Instant Search notifications from Outlook:

  1. Open the Tools menu, and click Options.
  2. Select the Other tab, and click Advanced Options.
    Step 2 of Microsoft Instant Search Removal from Outlook 2007
  3. In the General settings section (first), the last item is Show prompts to enable Instant Search.  Make sure this box is left unchecked.
    Step 3 of Microsoft Instant Search Removal from Outlook 2007
  4. Click OK, and then OK again to get back to the main Outlook screen.

While this works for Microsoft Office Outlook 2007, I cannot confirm it will work on Outlook 2003 and below.  If anyone has experience with doing this on ’03 and below, please feel free to post directions.

3 thoughts on “Turning off Instant Search enable dialog in Outlook 2007”

  1. Hi,

    thanks for this tip. Now this annoying dialog is finally removed :)
    Why are you using GDS? I heard of some problems with data-protecion and -safety with GDS.
    I´d take no software from google. This company is the biggest datacollector in our world and they use it to sell you products by commercial-banners in the search results on google.com.

    For searching E-mails in Outlook I´d always pick a tool which is safe and which does not share your privacy.


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