Setting up GoDaddy Hosted Microsoft Exchange e-mail on the MyTouch 3G

This weekend, I was lucky enough to take advantage of the deal T-Mobile has for the MyTouch 3G.  (Thank you Oprah!)  With T-Mobile’s full discount, the phone was $199, minus $100 from Oprah, which brought me down to just $99 for this beautiful piece of technology.  For this tutorial, I’m going to use GoDaddy’s information, but it should be similar for many other Exchange servers.

The myTouch 3G uses Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync to sync the cell phone with the mail server.  To set this up, you’ll need your full e-mail address, server address (GoDaddy’s address is included in this tutorial), and password.

  1. Open up the main menu, scroll to the bottom, and select Work Email.
  2. Enter your e-mail address and password, and go to the next step if those are the only two fields.
  3. Next you should see fields labeled Email address, Server address, Exchange domain, Username, and Password.
  4. Make sure that the Email address and Username fields have your full e-mail address including domain.  A user jdoe with an account on would use as the username.  This is very important for GoDaddy Hosted Exchange users.  If you use a service other than GoDaddy, you may not have to enter the full e-mail in the Username field.
  5. In the Server address field, type
  6. If you are using GoDaddy, make sure the Exchange domain field is left blank.  This may be required for those using other services.  If you enter a username that includes a backslash, you are using a domain (Ex. DOMAINusername).
  7. Make sure that This server requires an encrypted SSL connection is checked.
  8. Verify all information, and click the button at the bottom to finish.

That should do it!  If you find something that we missed, or have some additional information that may help people, please post it!

6 thoughts on “Setting up GoDaddy Hosted Microsoft Exchange e-mail on the MyTouch 3G”

  1. thanks for the help on setting up and even more thanks for letting me know about the oprah discount i bought this phone and paid 250 for with taxes and everhting but i called in right now and made them give me the discount!!!! haha thanks man!!

  2. I tried to get my HTC Hero to work with my exchange-nada. Brought it back, got went to a windows mobile-wasn’t happy. Now i have a Samsung Moment. I tried to setup the active sync with no luck, so i was using Touchdown. Just before i bought a live copy i found this posting and for some reason it worked like a charm. These were all the same settings i used except the domain name being blank.

    Thanks for the help and saving me $10 for a third party APP

  3. Perhaps you’re subscribed to Exchange Mail service on, it doesn’t work with my mail plan on godaddy. But still I’m able to use gmail/live/outlook as exchange.

    Thanks for sharing.

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