How to do Ajax calls within the WordPress administration panels

To complete a simple Ajax call within the administration panels, we will need a minimum of three functions. Here are the functions used in the sample code:

  • _wp_display_content() โ€” responsible for displaying the form or content, and the nonce field.
  • _wp_display_content_js() โ€” displays the JavaScript code for our Ajax call in the footer.
  • _wp_sample_ajax_call() โ€” completes security check for the Ajax request, processes the request, and returns a response.

 * How to make Ajax calls within the WP Administration Panels.
 * @author Chris Strosser
 * @version 20090822

// Define the $ajax_action (should be unique).
$ajax_action = 'wp_custom_ajax_call';

 * Display nonce field and page/form content.
 * @return void
function _wp_display_content() {
	global $ajax_action;
	// Put form content or content that requires an Ajax call here...

 * This is the function that displays the JavaScript for the Ajax call.
 * JavaScript can also be stored in an external file, registered as a WP
 * script, and then enqueued for inclusion in the load-scripts.php file.
 * @return void
function _wp_display_content_js() {
	global $ajax_action, $nonce;
<script type="text/javascript">
/* <![CDATA[ */

(function($) {
		type: "post",
		url: "admin-ajax.php",
		data: {
			action: '<?php echo esc_js( $ajax_action ); ?>',
			_ajax_nonce: '<?php echo esc_js( $nonce ); ?>'
		beforeSend: function() {},
		complete: function() {},
		success: function(response) {}

/* ]]> */
add_action('admin_print_footer_scripts', '_wp_display_content_js');

 * This will be called by admin-ajax.php according to the action passed.
 * The admin-ajax.php file will execute do_action('wp_ajax_<insert action here>') if
 * there aren't any preexisting calls with that name.
function _wp_sample_ajax_call() {
	global $ajax_action;
	// The data or content to return
add_action('wp_ajax_' . $ajax_action, '_wp_sample_ajax_call');

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